The Ultimate Skin Care Routine

ultimate woman in mirror applying lotion

It is never too early to start a skincare routine; your skin will thank you. However, it is suggested at puberty is a good time to start as this is when new hormones are introduced and acne may begin.   A skincare routine has multiple steps including cleansing, hydrating, treating and protecting your skin. The purpose

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips


As the weather turns colder many of us look forward to pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate, but the colder weather is not great for our skin. This is caused by the low humidity levels in the air which causes the air to be very dry, and in turn, removes the moisture from the skin.

Facial Reflexology

During Facial Reflexology gentle pressure is applied to the different reflex zones and reflexology points on the face. These points directly relate to areas of the body. This ancient modality reduces stress and calms the mind, allowing imbalances to regain an even flow of Qi within the body. Facial reflexology encourages healthy blood and lymph

Waxing Do’s and Don’ts

waxing dos and don'ts melted wax with applicator

Have you made the call and set your wax appointment and now you are thinking, “what the heck was I thinking”?   No worries, we got you! We have put together some great Do’s and Don’ts to help you before and after your waxing session! BEFORE: Do . . . Let your hair grow out a bit. 

Why You Should Be Waxing

why waxing wax dripping from applicator

Does anyone actually like shaving? It takes forever so you rush through it and then end up getting razor burn, and we have to do the process all over again the next day to keep that stubble at bay.  While many women feel the need to shave many different areas of their bodies, you should

Relaxing From Back-to-School Stress


The back-to-school season can be a stressful time for parents with crazy carpooling schedules, school supply lists, and PTA meetings. However, as the kids get settled in, parents should find time to wind down and treat themselves to a relaxing facial. At Precision Wellness, we offer a variety of individualized facials to help you relax

What You Need To Know About Waxing

need to know waxing leg

With summer comes the all-too familiar feeling of stepping into a cool blast of air conditioning—and watching as all the tiny hairs on your legs stand up straight. What’s worse is if you skipped a shave in the last few days (okay, week), you probably pulled down your sundress and hoped no one else took notice

What is Microneedling

Microneedling is a hot topic in the beauty industry. This treatment has many benefits that can help you achieve the skin of your dreams. We’ll go over what microneedling is, how it works, and why it is helpful for your skin. Microneedling is a form of dermal needling that involves puncturing the top layer of


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