Amber Parrish – LMT / Lead Practitioner

Amber grew up in Nixa, MO and has lived in the Springfield area her whole life. She slowly pursued a degree in Literature and spent ten years working as a Grant Writer and Tech Writer before finding her passion in massage therapy. Her other passions include being outdoors, live music, and yoga.

Learning about the body and how to foster optimal health has become Amber’s favorite pastime since she was introduced to a natural health coach in 2003. At the time she experienced chronic headaches and body aches and was in a prescription loop that offered no relief. Her experience with chronic pain and her research into nutrition and natural health have led Amber down the path to the healing art of massage therapy. Having suffered from chronic pain for years and found relief from it, Amber understands just how devastating chronic pain can be and strives to help her clients find relief as well.

One thing Amber loves most about the field of massage is how much there is to learn. She is currently studying energy healing and myofascial release techniques and is planning for a corrective exercise course in the future. She takes as many continuing education courses as possible to keep growing and expanding her knowledge and ability to help her clients.

Amber practices Neuromuscular, Thai, Energy Work, Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) treatment, Deep Tissue Massage, and is learning Myofascial release techniques to provide a healing and therapeutic massage experience. Her focus in massage is to eliminate muscle dysfunction and its symptoms. Amber is also Basic and Performance RockTape certified.