Chloe Maugans – Licensed Esthetician / LMT

Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri I have been a licensed Esthetician since 2015 and a licensed massage therapist for 2 years. My interest in skin-care growing up originated at a young age when my mother helped guide me with taking care of my skin. From picking out the fun products all the way to applying them correctly.

Around the age of 14, I had my first facial and fell in love. Once I graduated high school I was elated to find out we had a few schools in the 417 that I could attend to become a professional, licensed esthetician. Little did I know this would spark a beautiful journey of facilitated healing and community.

In 2017 I enrolled at WellSpring School of Allied Health to become a licensed massage therapist and this is where I really began to discover my “why”. Learning about the mind-body connection brought forth so much clarity within my practice. There is almost nothing more liberating than being a catalyst for ones healing journey.

Now I was able to alchemize both of my trainings together so effortlessly. Skin wellness and body-work are seamless offerings together and being able to see how one relates to the other is a gift. One of the greatest things this work can offer is connection.

It is quite amazing what the human vessel is capable of healing when we can be grounded in our systems and take a deep breath. A step away is really a leap within. The world of massage and esthetics does just that. One thing I love about this craft is that it’s truly up to the therapist and the client to achieve a continuum.

We are a team and a family, we listen and support one another. When it comes to my practice, applying therapeutic skills is what I do best. Facial reflexology, gua-sha, and reiki may be incorporated as well. During a session, we will flow together in taking a holistic and integrative approach to your skin concerns and muscle pain patterns.

Aside from this passion of my mine, there are some things I enjoy doing outside of work. Learning about family lineage, archery target shooting, cooking plant-based meals, reading, walking, and traveling to name a few. I look forward to meeting you and sharing space throughout your personal healing practice, be well, and take care.

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