Hope Williams – LMT

Hope Williams graduated from WellSpring School of Allied Health with her massage therapy degree in October, 2018. She has a passion for helping others, and giving back to the world. With a positive attitude she believes you can persevere through anything.

She became interested in massage while working at a restaurant. A customer came in, and smelled like essential oil. She complimented them, and they responded “Thanks. I’m a massage therapist.” Instantly Hope thought, “Why am I not doing that?”
Wellsprings school was opening a few months later, and she made the decision to go for it! It was something that just felt right, like fate.

Since then she’s developed more interest in learning about the body, and helping people facilitate through their pain. She has a very compassionate spirit, and tries to get to connect with each client she meets. She feels extremely lucky to be doing something she genuinely loves.

In her free time she likes roller blading, listening to music, reading, and doing yoga.