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Since 2009, we have viewed waxing as skincare and our waxing treatments reflect this. We want you to be comfortable and leave with soft, smooth skin, so we place a lot of emphasis on what happens before and after the wax is applied.


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What to Expect from a Waxing Treatment at Precision Wellness

We don’t view waxing as hair removal. Instead, it is skin care and we want you to leave with soft, smooth skin. So we place a lot of emphasis on the treatment before and after the wax is applied.

We ensure that the skin is suitably prepared with both a cleanser and pre-wax oil to provide a very thin lipid barrier, which means that the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin making it a lot more comfortable. After the waxing, we have a three to four stage after-wax routine to remove residue so you aren’t sticky. We cleanse your skin and then soothe and moisturize it with specially formulated products.

Waxing is one of the most popular forms of hair removal, it is quick, easy, and relatively painless. Because the hair is completely removed by the root, you are guaranteed several weeks of smooth, hair-free skin. Even when it starts to grow back, the hair is softer and thinner. Once the hairs start to come back in, you can have them waxed again, which is usually around 5 or 6 weeks depending on the individual.

Waxing Tips For Our Clients

Allow at least two weeks of growth without shaving before booking.  Our hair grows in three layers and this allows all three layers of hair to grow in and be removed which prevents new stubble days after the appointment.

Do not wax if you use Retinol or other skin thinning products or medications. Skin is also more sensitive during menstruation, so keep in mind that more redness and pain are possible during that time of the month.

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