Sam Burton – LMT

Samantha Burton has been in practice as a licensed massage therapist since her graduation from Wellspring School of Allied Health in 2018.

She has been receiving massage since childhood for her athletic careers and for relaxation benefits.

Sam Bee recognized early on in her education that manual therapy is a practice of helping clients facilitate their self-healing. Trained in multiple disciplines Sam feels her strongest in therapeutic DT, pre and post-natal, and clinical relaxation.. Sam Bee subscribes to the belief that the mind, soul, and spirit all dwell together within the body and can hold and release all forms of stress through the practice of massage.

Having lived in and around the Ozarks all her life Sam Bee is passionate about outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, (and her most favorite) canoeing. She takes every opportunity to be out in nature with family and friends.

She also has two fat house cats named Moose Goose and Jackson Kee.