hope williams
lmt, esti

Pronouns: She/Her

Licensed in: 2018

Favorite Massage Service Type: Deep Tissue

Favorite Esthetics Service Type: Custom Facials

Astrology Sign: Leo

Instagram: hopeatprecisionwellness

Self-care faves

Drinking tea, reading books, taking hot baths, doing yoga

What I Love to Do and Why

  1. Making people feel relaxed, Massage and facials help calm the nervous system. Through yoga teacher training and all of my other body work education, I have learned how important it is to calm your mind and find relaxation and peace. I like to incorporate this philosophy into my sessions. 
  2. Deep Tissue Massage, I like using deeper pressure in my massages to alleviate aches and pains for my clients. 
  3. Cupping, I am certified in static cupping, and I love how it maximizes my efficacy and efficiency  in sessions. Because I can place a cup where it is needed while I work on other parts of the body, my clients feel like they get more bang for their buck when they add the cupping add-on. Cupping also amplifies the detoxifying benefits of massage, and helps decompress tissue and improve blood flow and circulation. It also creates therapeutic inflammation, which expedites healing. It also helps balance the qi according to ancient Chinese medicine. 
  4. Dermaplaning, This advanced esthetics service helps remove vellus hair and dead skin cells, improving your skin texture and leaving it feeling smooth and soft. It also makes your makeup go on more smoothly, and allows you to get more benefits from high quality skin care products, because they can soak in better. 
  5. Aromatherapy, I met someone who smelled like an essential oil. When I complimented them, they responded “Thanks. I’m a massage therapist.” Instantly I thought, “Why am I not doing that?” Wellspring massage school opened a few months later, and it just felt right, like fate.


  • Thai Massage Level One Certified
  • Wellspring Allied Health
  • Precision neuromuscular (PNMT)
  • Head and neck
  • Chinese Cupping on Udemy Certification
  • Static Cupping on Udemy Certification
  • Essential Oils on Udemy Certification
  • Reiki One and Two at Reiki Missouri
  • YTT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Paul Mitchell the School, Springfield

A Little about me

I like rollerblading, listening to music, reading, and doing yoga. I have a cat named Peter, and I’m a movie junkie. I used to perform in theater and I worked for five years at a movie theater.


Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics and Yoga

Services as unique as you are