The Benefits of Microblading


We’ve all heard about microblading, and we tend to associate this skincare treatment with an expensive price tag. In fact, microblading can be an easy and fairly inexpensive way to save time on making your eyebrows look great every morning! 

With microblading, eyebrow “hairs” are planted into your skin like a tattoo to make your eyebrows shapely and full. A licensed practitioner uses tiny blades to add in very specific lines to imitate the way hair would grow on your face, giving the illusion of perfectly molded eyebrows from anywhere between 1 and 3 years, depending on the care you take!

Microblading shouldn’t be confused with permanent makeup. Whereas permanent makeup can be used for things like eyeliner and lips, microblading is only used to create fine hairlines around the eyebrows. Because microblading is only semi-permanent, that means you are able to switch up the shape of your brows if you wanted to!

There are obviously many reasons why you should get microblading done, but here are some of the biggest: 

Cut back on time! It takes us so long to fill in and shape our eyes every morning – with microblading, you typically only have to sit through one session to receive amazing results! We’d all love to wake up and have one less thing to worry about in our routine!

Stop worrying about sweating off your eyebrows! With this semi-permanent cosmetic solution, you don’t have to stress about your workout taking off a part of your face. Get active and be proud of your perfect brows 24/7!

Almost painless! Our licensed estheticians use a numbing cream to make the microblading process as pain-free as possible. Many of our clients come in believing the pain will be a lot worse than it is!

You can get it done right here in Springfield, Missouri! Here at Precision Wellness, we have multiple estheticians certified in microblading that would love to help you get your perfect eyebrows. Just give us a call to set up an appointment!

Microblading has become a popular cosmetic option for a reason – with so little downtime and big results, why wouldn’t you get it done?!

If you are ready to schedule an appointment please book online. If you have questions about the organic pigment we use for the treatment, please give us a call at 417-886-1131.


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