Benefits of Thai Massage Therapy

In comparison with Swedish Massage, which generally focuses on the physical aspect of kneading the muscles, Thai Massage therapy focuses on combining aspects and techniques that focus on trigger points, neuromuscular therapy, manual therapy and myofascial treatments. Thai Massage therapy is made up of physical aspects as well as energetic which allows a full body and deep treatment that starts at the feet and progresses up to the head. Throughout a Thai Massage, there are gentle and flowing movements by moving the body and stretching the joints as well as the muscles. This type of massage is very unique in the way that it focuses on the flow of energy in the body by applying acupressure on the sen energy lines, which allow the body to harmonize and energize.

The traditional Thai Massage is authentic and sticks to its traditional ruts which go back to 2000 years ago. It is a healing art form of therapy throughout the body and was developed by people who used this massage therapy as not only to maintain health and wellness but also to treat illness. It combines the stretching of yoga, exercise movement and focuses on the reflexes while also focusing on the calmness of meditation.

Some of the physical benefits are helping detoxification of the body, increase circulation and lower blood pressure, increase flexibility and improve breathing, improves posture and balance, helps with arthritis and back pain, slows the aging process and prevents illnesses.

Some of the mental benefits include improving your outlook towards life, building an emotional balance, calming your mind and helping you gain creative and mental clarity.

Some of the psychological benefits are reducing and relieving stress and anxiety, help boost energy levels, develop self control, increase stamina and health and vitality.


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