Beth Grogan – LMT

My name is Beth and I’m a Springfield native. Giving massages has always been a part of who I am. As a small child I was frequently rubbing people’s shoulders.

Fast forward to 20 years old, attending OTC, with no idea of what career path I wanted to choose. Luckily I had a true “lightbulb” moment – I should go to school for Massage Therapy! That afternoon I called both local schools to set up a tour.

SOMA – the School of Massage Arts, in Nixa, was the perfect choice for me and I immediately enrolled for the next semester. I have worked as an LMT ever since and all 15 years have been unique and amazing.

My massage super-power is to assist people in becoming deeply relaxed. I love being able to help someone who is feeling “frazzled” achieve a deep state of peace & comfort so that they can feel whole and content again by the time their session is complete. While relaxation massage, or as I refer to it – mood management, is my specialty,

I also offer prenatal and lymphatic drainage therapies.

Some of my personal hobbies are hiking and travelling whenever the opportunity arises, but a majority of my time is spent caring for my 2 wonderful children!