How Often To Receive a Facial

Understand Timing of Facials

Thinking of scheduling a facial after receiving one should be part of everyone’s custom skin care management plan, but figuring out when is the best time for you depends on a variety of skin care factors. Benefits of a facial at Precision Wellness included warm steam, a hydrating masque, and a gentle massage. After your treatment is done, most feel and see glowing skin, but deciding when to schedule a next appointment may be more complicated than anticipated. Surprisingly, there is not a cycle that everyone uniformly should follow when it comes to facials because a facial is determined by skin type, age, lifestyle and the environment you are in.

Precision Wellness Recommendation

It is the general rule that most people should receive a facial about every three to four weeks. This is because it is how long your skin takes to move through skin cell growth and natural exfoliation, but a facial can do this quicker and more effectively. Facials at Precision Wellness incorporate skin care techniques that will keep your skin clean, hydrated and glowing for upwards of four weeks.

Acne Prone Skin

Oily skin can cause more breakouts to occur, so it is recommended to receive facials more often when breakouts are high. When acne is flaring there is an excess amount of moisture your skin is creating and touching your face, which everyone unconsciously does, leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Once the skin returns to a peaceful place and the acne starts to go away, the need for facials frequently becomes lessened. 

Infrequent Facials

Even with the best mindset and healthy skin habits, it is common for budget and personal problems to get in the way of receiving a facial every month. If it is unlikely that you can come in every month, it is highly recommended to come in at least when the seasons are changing. Because of the moisture in the summer and the cold in the winter, your skin is more prone to breakouts or dehydration. Seeing our esthetician at least four times a year will help will help guard your skin from seasonal changes.

Frequent Facials

On the other side of things, too many facials can be a bad thing as well as not enough. If you are following a skin care regimen, then the need to see our estheticians are lessened to every month. Unless you are experiencing a breakout or dehydration, seeing our esthetician can be negative on your skin because of the constant extractions and exfoliation that are incorporated within a facial. With every facial, our esthetician will hydrate and exfoliate your skin and will follow up with advice on skin treatment plans to follow and how to maintain the results you experienced.


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