New Year – New Self Care Routine

The New Year always brings new routines and new goals. While it can be hard to stick to new routines, it can be so rewarding when your skin is healthier, self-confidence is boosted, and you’re back to your rejuvenated self. Here are some self care ideas you should consider for 2020:

Take a bath

Take that extra time to soak – bring on the bubbles, the candles, the soft music, and a glass of wine! Relax in the water and let go of the stress you’ve accumulated from the week. 


If you’re not sure where to start on this, Youtube has some great guided meditations that work to get you in the right mindset. 

Start doing yoga

Yoga helps your body to slow down and respect its breath and movements – which is why it’s a great de-stressor! 

Read a book

Yep, you heard us; A good old-fashioned book. Pick up a classic or go for a new book everyone is raving about and get immersed in someone else’s story.


Whether it’s dancing, playing softball, going for a run, or lifting some weights at the gym, find what gets your heart pumping and feel that endorphin high! 

Go out with friends

For those that are extroverted in nature, getting out and feeling a crowd of friends and strangers around you is a way to power up again.

Binge watch a show on Netflix

Sometimes you just need to not do anything productive! Don’t feel bad about literally taking time to do nothing to balance your plate.


Writing down your thoughts at the same time every day is a great way to become more introspective. Don’t worry about writing down specific things, just write down what comes to you!

Listen to a podcast

There are so many categories for podcasts to listen to – crime, business, comedy, sports, history, you name it! Pick one that you’re interested in and pop in those headphones!

Take a trip

When it feels like life is just getting too heavy where you live and work, take a break! There are beautiful, amazing lands all across the world waiting to be explored by you. 

Organize your room/office

It’s the new year – which means it’s time to cut out all the unnecessary. Take stock of your office, bedroom, or even your home to declutter and organize for 2020.

Get a massage

We’re partial to this idea, but only because we really believe in it! Massages help to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, alleviate chronic pains, and soothe muscles you never knew were overworked! 

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