What Are The Benefits of Massage?

We could write a book about the benefits of massage… and we just might!

Some main benefits of massage that might interest you are:

Massage therapy is the number one treatment for back pain as recommended by the American Medical Association.

Massage therapy helps your body heal from acute injuries such as falls, strains, sprains, and surgeries. Massage therapy also provides relief from repetitive strains, poor posture or body mechanics, and stress-related tension. It even treats TMJD, carpal tunnel symptoms, and chronic headaches, including some migraines.

All types of therapeutic massage are beneficial to all systems of your human body. Your wellness goals will help your therapist determine what massage techniques will provide you with the most customized results.

Massage has a cumulative effect, meaning the more regularly you receive massage the more your body benefits from it. Much like dental cleaning and oil changes, frequency matters! The industry standard for “maintenance” massage is monthly. If you are recovering from an injury or surgery we recommend you come more often and discuss a recovery plan with your therapist. Massage should be seen as part of health maintenance, not as a luxury!


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