Lash and Brow

A must-have time saver.

Less Makeup

Lash and brow treatments allow you to avoid the problems associated with makeup use like smudging, staining, running, clumping, and time-consuming application and reapplication.

Active Lifestyle

Looking good can be an ongoing struggle when you’re active. One lash and brow treatment will help your lashes look effortlessly long and luscious, regardless of sweat or harsh weather.

Great for Pale Skin

Often, people with pale complexions also have very pale eyelashes and brows. Treatments will darken the lashes, creating definition and adding frame and structure to your face.

 I’ve been going to Chloe for facial, massage, eyebrow wax for a couple of years now. She is always professional, and very detailed. She does such a thorough job. My new favorite treatment with Chloe is dermaplaning. I was a little nervous the first time but I actually really look forward to these appointments. I find it very relaxing and the results when she is done are amazing! My makeup goes on so smooth and my face feels amazing! I highly recommend Chloe!

–Brooke Black


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