Facial Reflexology Benefits

Facial reflexology, the ability to manipulate the energy points of the face for healing purposes is an ancient form of treatment. It has made its way through history starting in India and slowly disseminating out into other countries.

Currently, facial reflexology is becoming more popular here in the United States as people are becoming more aware of its many benefits. One of which being that there are no negative side effects to this form of treatment because it only works on stimulating your body to heal itself!

There are numerous health benefits associated with facial reflexology including migraine relief! Aside from improving sleep quality, promoting healing, and removing toxins from the body, facial reflexology boasts a wealth of beauty benefits. The motion of the movement helps to work the facial muscles and release muscular tension, resulting in a younger, radiant glow and firmer, plumper skin.

The movement also improves the flow of lymphatic fluid, which aids in the removal of toxins. Facial reflexology can be used to reduce puffiness around the eyes, increase suppleness and elasticity of the skin, soothe sunburns, ease sinus pain, and improve complexion.

Using facial reflexology techniques stimulates both physical and emotional wellbeing by calming the nervous system promoting feelings of relaxation, decreasing stress levels, and infusing a sense of empowerment while encouraging freedom from negative thoughts. The technique promotes self-love by increasing awareness and acceptance of oneself; it is an excellent alternative therapy for those who suffer from stress or depression.

Facial reflexology is based on the premise that every point on our faces corresponds with all other parts and organs in your body. By using tools that work along meridians and focal areas mapped out on the face, a practitioner will balance the yin and yang energy in your body by way of your face.

People who are trying to quit smoking will see the effects of facial reflexology in as early as three sessions. This is because smoking causes your face to become numb and it tends to diminish sensation, this therapy helps regulate endorphin production which will help you get back that feeling in your mouth and relieve stress you may be experiencing from withdrawal symptoms. Some other benefits of facial reflexology include provides relaxation to both the body and mind, increased blood circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, soothes away aches and pains, chronic tension can cause grey hair; this therapy prevents it by stimulating the entire glandular system.

Each facial reflexology treatment is as unique as the person receiving it. In other words, don’t even try to anticipate your treatment. What happens during a session also depends on the practitioner, their method, and tools they decide to employ.

When you are ready to balance your body and its processes through the face, it may result in a more efficient system all allows you to rest and reset. Call Precision Wellness today to book your appointment!


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