What is Microneedling

Microneedling is a hot topic in the beauty industry. This treatment has many benefits that can help you achieve the skin of your dreams. We’ll go over what microneedling is, how it works, and why it is helpful for your skin.

Microneedling is a form of dermal needling that involves puncturing the top layer of skin with tiny needles. It has been used in medicine for decades, and it’s quickly becoming popular as an anti-aging treatment. The medical name for this procedure is percutaneous collagen induction therapy (PCIT). PCIT can be performed on people who have acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, and many other skin imperfections. It also helps to reduce the appearance of scar tissue after laser treatments or surgeries such as burn care or hair removal by smoothing out the surface area.

The goal of the treatment is to create tiny channels in your skin that can help stimulate collagen production and improve the overall appearance.

Microneedling has very few side effects which include some redness, light pigmentation changes, mild swelling, and itchiness at the site of needling. These reactions typically disappear within a couple days after treatment. Some people also notice small whiteheads or shallow cysts forming on their skin following microneedling treatments. This happens if too much pressure was used. Treatments are done for three months in a row, once every four weeks.

How to prepare:

– Microneedling should always be done by a professional under sterile conditions.

-You can stop using topical products for several days before rolling if you are concerned about irritation.

– If your skin is tanned, wait until it fades before microneedling because tanning makes your skin more sensitive to injury and possible infection.

– Avoid sun exposure like the plague during treatment (and forever afterward) as it increases the risk of scarring. The needles make tiny puncture wounds in the dermis; thus, creating an open wound that needs protection from sunlight. Not only do they create small channels but also pull up collagen fibers which stimulates growth throughout all layers of the epidermis resulting in thicker smoother younger looking skin within months!


Microneedling will leave you red and sensitive, slathering on a broad-spectrum, chemical-free sunscreen with at least SPF 30 during the weeks following your treatment (and, let’s be honest, always!).

You should avoid retinol and acids, such as glycolic and salicylic. These ingredients will be too strong right after microneeding is done.

Be sure to keep your skin hydrated by applying a mild hydrating serum and use a mild cleanser, taking care to avoid exfoliating scrubs in the days immediately following the treatment.

Ideally, you will also want to avoid putting on makeup for the rest of the day, but if you have prior commitments, it is totally safe to wear later in the night.

Be sure to let your skin “chill” after microneedling. For the rest of the day, do not wash the skin, expose to high heat, sweat too much (that means no sun, no gym, no hot yoga).

Just like any procedure, do your research to ask questions and find a licensed practitioner just like the ones at Precision Wellness!


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