What is Neuromuscular Therapy Massage?

Neuromuscular massage is a specific deep tissue massage that utilizes friction and pressure to work out muscle strains. These areas are referred to as “trigger points,” and cause pain for a lot of people. Neuromuscular massages should be given by trained professionals that have had experience in this work.

This type of massage has a lot of benefits – typically, neuromuscular therapy massage helps with compressed nerves, muscle spasms, and poor blood flow. For many people, this massage will be painful at first as the muscles are worked on, but no one should feel an overwhelming amount of pain. Clients should always feel comfortable with communicating to their massage therapist how the pressure feels on them in order to get the most out of their massage.

Using slow, pressured strokes, massage therapists can penetrate the deeper layers of tissue to find the actual issues – the soft tissues, the muscles and ligaments, and the nervous system. When telling your massage therapist about how a certain area of your body that you experience pain, don’t be surprised if they don’t work that area very much. Often, there are specific points on other parts of the body that are the root of the pain that they must work on in order to smooth out the muscles. For example, for people complaining about back pain, a massage therapist might work on the upper glutes to release tension tying into the back.

Many people will feel sore after this massage the next day because of the amount of lactic acid that is released during the massage. Your massage therapist will probably recommend that you try a different movement during the day to lessen the amount of muscle pain you experience (like sitting straighter in chairs to lessen the strain on back muscles, etc).

Here at Precision Wellness, we have multiple massage therapists trained on how to perform neuromuscular massages. We would love to see how we can lessen your muscle pain with this type of massage – book online today!


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