Your Pre-Wax to-do List from Precision Therapeutic Massage and Esthetics

Bikini season is upon us and in-spa waxing services are the number one choice for getting bathing-suit ready skin. To make sure your waxing experience is the best experience possible, here is a pre-wax to-do list!

1Seek out a pro! Sure, there are plenty of at-home waxing kits that promise to remove hair but, a professionally trained esthetician will be able to ensure that your waxing experience is as safe, quick and painless as possible. Using an at-home kit means taking risks and can leave you with irritated skin, burns or even less hair than you mean to end up with.

2Let your hair grow! You may be tempted to tidy up in-between waxing sessions, but allowing your hair to get on a growth cycle is what the professionals recommend. It means a less painful wax experience as your hair will get finer, thinner and grow more sparse. At the very least, allow for two-weeks of hair growth. Waxing works best when there is at least a quarter inch to a half inch of hair.

3Check your ingredient labels! Avoid exfoliants for at least 48 hours before and after you wax and stop using retinol products 3-5 days beforehand. Both remove dead skin cells and leave your new, top layer of skin more sensitive. Waxing is already an exfoliant as it clings to both hair and dead skin cells so applying it to a new, more sensitive layer of skin makes for a more painful process.

4.  Prepare for a little pain. Although using a professional esthetician means receiving the most pain-free experience possible, they are still pulling your hair out. You should still expect some discomfort. Taking a a pain reliever prior to your appointment can help.

5. Avoid an irritation situation. Steer clear of coffee and alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment as both can sensitize skin, increasing the potential for pain and irritation. Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid letting your skin come into contact with any potential irritants.

Now that you know how to prepare, you can give us a call to schedule your next wax at Precision Therapeutic Massage and Esthetics in Springfield, MO.


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