10 Reasons to Get a Facial Today!

1.  Your skin will love you for it.

Regardless of your age, if you want your skin to look its very best you need to consider regular monthly facials.  A facial does for your skin what exercise does for your body.  It keeps it in tip-top shape. By sloughing, buffing, hydrating, clearing, and nourishing on a professional level your skin will always look it’s most radiant and beautiful.

2.   You’ll get expert skin analysis.

We understand your skin.  Instead of doing cookie-cutter facials, we recognize all the characteristics that make up your unique skin type, then create ultra-personalized treatments that bring about superior results.

3.  You’ll learn practical lifestyle skincare tips.

Seeking out a highly trained professional esthetician is like hiring a personal trainer for your skin.   We are there to offer you important advice about how your skin is influenced by diet, exercise, sun, stress, and other lifestyle choices that affect the health and look of your skin.

4.  We’ll give you the time you deserve.

A relaxing facial will melt away the stress that lies within your daily life. A light massage stimulates the blood pumping up fine lines and eliminating headaches. A customized mask pulls out impurities and replenishes hydration. You will never feel rushed. But you will feel extremely relaxed by the time we are done.

5.  You’ll experience professional strength exfoliation.

Professional peels are extraordinarily effective for alleviating dryness, pigmentation, clearing pores, reducing breakouts, and stimulating repair for sun-damaged skin. We offer many different peels that are gentle on your skin and require no downtime.

6.  You’ll receive intense hydration.

As skin cells age they lose vital moisture & perish.  Whether you’re dry or oily, moisture is the essential medium for getting important nutrients into thirsty cells. Without moisture, skin looks dull and dry.  Skin that is well-hydrated is fresh, plump, soft & touchable.

7.  You’ll create a nice healthy glow.

Although massage is super soothing & relaxing it does so much for your skin.  Massage facilitates important performance ingredients to get deep down into your skin where they can do the most good.  Massage hydrates, softens, and makes cleaning pores much easier.  It also improves the microcirculation of skin cells which encourages super healthy skin and a wonderfully healthy youthful glow.

8.  You’ll enjoy cleaner, clearer pores.

Lots of us get clogged pores.  Blackheads and closed comedones can sit in the pores for years unless they are otherwise removed.  This often leads to breakouts.  Our highly trained estheticians can judiciously recognize what should and shouldn’t be removed and they know how to prepare your skin for proper extractions.  Clearer skin means enjoying a pretty, smooth even texture.

9.  You’ll find top-notch ingredients.

Here at Precision Massage, we use the Bioelements skincare line. Bioelements clinical skincare formulas do not contain artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance or parabens – which can irritate and damage skin – and they never test on animals.  Whether your skin is dry, mature, acne-prone, or sensitive you know you’ll be getting the best skin care products available… anywhere!

10.  Because you’re worth it!

Having a facial gives you a relaxing, de-stressing point of refuge where you can melt into luxury.  Come in, lay down on a superbly comfortable bed, with low lighting, and soothing music. You’ll get lulled into a magical dream world.. the door closes… and all your cares and worries are left on the other side of that facial room door.  Recognize the importance of doing something nice that’s just for you.  You deserve to be taken care of by the very best.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your facial today!


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