Hair Removal + Waxing Services

A complete skincare experience.

Time Saver

Waxing can be done in a short, 30-minute session. Plus, your hair takes much longer to grow back.

When you get your hair waxed, it can take two weeks to 4 weeks for the hair to appear again. 

Great exfoliation

Waxing pulls the hair from the root along with dead skin off the surface, leaving your skin softer and smoother. 

safer and healthier

Shaving around your knees and ankles can leave cuts that can get infected – especially if you have left your razor in a bacteria-friendly environment like a shower or bath.

Wax is flexible and often made from natural sources so it can conform to the shape of your body. Plus, a strict protocol is followed during each treatment to keep you safe and healthy. 

 Had a great experience getting waxed today with Serenia! 100% recommend going to see her. She was professional and friendly and did a fantastic job!

–Khloe Elaine


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