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Since 2009, our mission has been to facilitate the healing process for those who have been living with chronic muscular pain for entirely too long. Our passion is to reach those individuals who have become resolved to live in discomfort and give them hope that there is a solution.

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Massage Packages

Purchase a package of 4 massages and save $50! Massage packages do NOT expire. However, we encourage you to use your packages within 6 to 12 months to get the full therapeutic value from them.

Massage VIP Memberships

Purchase a massage VIP Membership and save 15% off any additional service, discounted rates for additional massage time, and/or discounted upgrades like hot stone or aromatherapy. You can even make a standing appointment to meet the demands of your busy schedule.

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Benefits of Massage

We know that there are many benefits to massage therapy.  One main benefit is relaxation but there is much more than that. Here are some ways massage therapy will help you stay fit. 1 – Counteract all that sitting – Most of us are dealing with postural stress.  Often, this type of stress tends to … Read more

Massage & Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you are not alone – Research shows that over 50 million Americans battle seasonal allergies. Allergies have many symptoms – from nasal congestion, sneezing, ear congestion, postnasal drainage, sore throat, urticaria (Hives) and itchiness, headache, coughing and wheezing can also occur. Your immune system feels threatened by a specific … Read more

What your massage therapist knows about your body

We know that our massage therapist is going to ease muscle tension and help us work through injuries, but that hour on the table reveals so much more than just the stress we asked them to soothe.  Here are 15 things your massage therapist can tell about your body without you saying a word: Type … Read more

What to Expect from a Massage at Precision Wellness

You can expect to fill out a health intake form before your first massage session and to update it every year or so. Your therapist will ask you about your expectations for the session and check in with you often about your comfort during the session.

We offer different types of therapeutic massage including PNMT, Thai, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Sports, or Swedish. You can read more in our Massage Types section of this page or ask your therapist about the differences.

If you scheduled a PNMT or deep tissue massage, but arrive for your appointment stressed and you just want to relax, that’s ok, just tell your therapist! It’s important to discuss your expectations of the session with your therapist before the session starts so we can customize your session.

It's also very helpful if you provide feedback during your session. If the table warmer is too warm or the music is annoying, or you’re uncomfortable in any way, just tell your therapist so they can make adjustments.

Our therapists are highly educated and they care about your comfort and results. What does that mean? A lot of clients ask us about the requirements to obtain a massage therapy license.

In the state of Missouri, a massage therapy license requires a minimum of 500 clocked training hours and a few hours of continuing education every couple of years. Our training far exceeds those minimums. In other words, we really know our stuff! Our commitment to education is just one thing that sets us apart at Precision Wellness.

If you schedule a PNMT, Sports or Thai massage session, you need to wear or bring gym clothes including shorts, leggings, sweats, and sports bras, tanks, or tees. Any clothing that allows movement is appropriate for a PNMT, Sports, or Thai massage session.

If you schedule any other type of massage you can expect privacy to undress to your comfort level. This may or may not include undergarments. You will be professionally draped during the entire session. Your modesty is of utmost importance and it is our goal to provide you with the most professional and relaxing environment possible.

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