Cade Birge
Front Desk

Pronouns: They/Them

Favorite Add-On: Herbal Oil

Astrology Sign: Taurus

Book Recommendation: The Human Half of Dog Training, by Rïse Van Fleet

Instagram: @argotanimaltraining


I like to read books, listen to music, have quiet moments with a mug of tea, get regular massages, work on self-growth, and spend time with my dog. For me, the key is taking the time to be mindful, to rest, and to buckle down and do the hard things to set “future me” up for success.

What I Love to Do and Why

  1. I love to make a warm mug of tea for clients before their session.
  2. I’m a dog trainer. I love to help my dog training clients and their dogs to speak each other’s languages.
  3. I help care for the plants in the office, and at home, to bring a little beauty and life into our lives.


  • Associate of Science degree from Northwest Missouri State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from Missouri State University
  • Dog Trainer Foundations – Karen Pryor Academy

A Little about me

I collect house plants, and nearly always have a plant within 10 feet of me. I love to go hiking and to find neat native plants while I’m in the woods. 

I also have my own dog training business, Argot Animal Training. I’m a bit of an animal behavior geek — I’m always trying to learn more, and improve my ability to help not only pets, but their owners, live their ideal lives together.


Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics and Yoga

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