LMT, Shift Lead

Licensed in: 2018

Style: Vacuum Therapies, Lymph Drainage

Neuromuscular, Pediatrics

Favorite Service Type: Lymph

Favorite Add-On: Cupping

Instagram: @_mandyhardin_

Self-care faves

I enjoy Fishing, Massage, spending time with my Family and serving with my church. I really enjoy outdoor activities and playing with my dogs.

What I Do and Why

  • Massage is Healing, I’m a massage therapist because I believe it helps heal the body, bringing the mind and body into one.
  • Making a Difference, I want to make sure my clients see a difference physically, emotionally or mentally after a service. I want to create real results for my clients.
  • Lymphatic Drainage, My favorite modality is Lymphatic work. The change is always seen right away after the service. It’s really satisfying to help people bridge the connection between their bodies and minds using trained touch.
  • Growing through Education, I am passionate and I deeply care about my clients success. I utilize my education to make sure my clients receive the best care possible and I am very invested in continuing my education and staying at the cutting edge of my favorite modalities.


  • Wellspring School of Allied Health
  • Klose Training –
    • Manual Lymph Drainage
    • Certified Lymphedema Therapist
  • Liddle Kidz Foundation
    • Autism Touch Therapy
    • Certified Infant Massage Teacher
    • Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist
  • Ace Cupping Certification
  • Licensed Massage Therapist for Cox

A Little about me

Personally, I’m someone who enjoys spending time at home, but I also have a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. Being with my family is really important to me, so in my free time, I prefer going on outdoor adventures with them. Whether it’s fishing or hiking, I’m always up for exploring new places and finding exciting new experiences especially with my family in tow.


Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics and Yoga

Services as unique as you are