Melisa Mills

Licensed in: 2009

Favorite service type I offer: Slow, deep, therapeutic massage

Favorite service I receive: Thai Massage

Favorite Add-On: Cupping

Ideal Client: People who experience chronic headaches, need head, neck & shoulder relief, deal with sciatic issues & hip pain, and plantar fascitis issues

Book recommendation: Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Astrology Sign: Sun sign in Pisces

Self-care faves

Massage, salt therapy, meditation

What I Do and Why

I enjoy helping people improve the quality of their lives. It’s satisfying to see someone who comes in with pain or limited mobility leave the session with no pain, less pain, or increased movement. Being a Massage Therapist also gives me the flexibility to pursue my additional passions like traveling and event planning.


  • Denver School of Massage Therapy (2009)
  • Cupping Certification
  • Training with Eric Dalton (Myoskeletal Balancing the head & tail)
  • Lomi Lomi Certification
  • Sports Massage Certification
  • Aromatherapy Certification
  • Additional training in:
    • Neck, head, and shoulder massage
    • Chronic headaches, and sciatica issues
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A Little about me

Apart from being a Massage Therapist, I am also a Norse Pagan Gythia, which is a Priestess, and I work a lot in my community in a spiritual capacity. I love reading and traveling to new places, which gives me a unique perspective of the world. I am a maker of things like t-shirts, greeting cards, shadow boxes, and magical candles, and I own more crafting stuff than what is sitting in Michaels right now (LOL).


Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics and Yoga

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