Amanda Smith

Licensed: 2018

Favorite service type:  Integrative massage incorporating both therapeutic and relaxation 

Favorite service I receive: Relaxation Massage. 

Book recommendation: Religious meditation books! 

Favorite Add-On: Cupping & Hot Stone

Ideal Client: People suffering from sciatic issues, medical therapeutic side of massage, or people with limited mobility. My massage is empathetically led. 

Astrology Sign: Sun sign in Taurus 

Self-care faves

It’s everything to me. I do at least 15 mins of yoga every morning; I work out 3-5 times a week, including weight lifting, which I love! I have a skincare routine that I am pretty regimented on… I meditate several times a day every day, including before and after each session to remove any energies that were influenced outside of my workspace , so thatI can reset myself and be ready to receive my client’s energy to help them achieve their goals and be present for them.

What I love to Do and Why

I have transformed myself into a more confident and secure person through massage by developing my craft, giving me a better understanding of how to care for myself physically and emotionally. I give everything I have for my clients to help them live the best life possible. I’ve seen many life-changing results in clients, which has furthered my passion for massage. 

Stephanie Butts LMT Precision Wellness


  • WellSpring 2018 
  • PMSS Esthetics program (currently enrolled-soon to graduate) 
  • Licensed nail tech 
  • Certified in PFS  
  • Medical massage training through Philips Chiropractic (CALI) 
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A Little about me

I am a compassionate mother of 3 kids. I chose the profession of health, beauty and wellness to help  heal myself and others. I am outdoorsy, I love gardening, and I am a weird hippie chick who walks around in the grass all day long, making me happy. I am free-spirited. 


Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics and Yoga

Services as unique as you are