Wyll Boren
In-House Reader

Favorite Service Type to Give: Crystal Ball Readings

Astrology Sign: Leo Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising – Triple Leo!

Book Recommendation: “Crystal Healing” by Karen Frazier, all three “Crystal Bibles” by Judy Hall

Services Offered: Tarot Readings, Crystal Ball Readings, and Oracle Readings

Social Media: Tik Tok @Wyllbegreat!

Self-care faves

Meditation, spell work, ritual work, connecting with nature, and crystal healing.

What I Do and Why

“I started my spiritual journey at 16 with crystal divination, followed by tarot and oracle. I’ve been working with people for over 26 years, guiding them towards new paths and empowering them. Helping others is my calling and a way to make a positive impact.”


  • High Priest of the Woven Path (the top ranking person in the practice of the women path; the woven path is a spiritual and metaphysical lifestyle)
  • Certified Crystal Ball Seer
  • Trained in the art of oracle reading by Raven Gramissi (Author of Italian Witchcraft)

A Little about me

I’ve been married to an amazing massage therapist, Grant Matthews, for 9 years. We love Chinese food and dining out. My hobbies include crocheting, cooking, gardening, and reading about witchcraft, religions, anthropology, and Garfield. I’m a cheerful and friendly person, with a green thumb for plants and a love for pets.


Therapeutic Massage, Esthetics and Yoga

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