Staying fit with Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can go a long way helping your body restore nutrients to sore muscles, improving flexibility, and building your immunity. Did you know that massage can help make working out better too?

Here are seven  ways a massage can improve your overall health.

  • Post workout recovery – A good, therapeutic massage helps loosen up your muscles after an intense workout, allowing you to recover from the impact better and faster than you normally would.  Massage helps restore some pliability.
  • Soothe Sore Muscles – Your muscles can really ache after you put them through the ringer at the gym or while pounding the pavement during a run.  Massaging and stretching them can help work out the nots, flush out the toxins and get the blood flowing again so they do not hurt so much.
  • Release tension – Painful trigger points, which are common in the back, are created by old injuries and can be relieved with specific massage techniques.  Trigger point massages help target areas that radiate pain, signaling the body to release these ultra-tight muscles and get bloody flowing again.
  • Better working muscles – Regular exercise puts strain on your muscles, ligaments and tendons, and messes with those connective fibers under the skin known as your fascia – fascia helps the muscles work smoothly and efficiently when they are in good shape – the fascia can get really gunked up with repeated exercise, making it harder for muscles to slide past each other easily.  Massage helps loosen up those fibers, so the muscles are doing what they are supposed to with much less effort.
  • Recover – A deep tissues massage targeting the big muscles you use the most – like quads and hamstrings – can help loosen up the muscles and restore some flexibility.
  • Mental stability – If you are beating yourself up with high-intensity classes or weight training, massage can give you a nice balance with the happy endorphins from working out.  It is also a cortisol reducer (stress reliever).
  • Prevent future injuries – Massage is amazing way to boost muscle recovery!  It corrects muscles train, muscles tension, and even the effects of stress or poor posture! 

Turns out massage is not just a luxury you splurge on at the spa! Call Precision Wellness to book your post-work out massage today!


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