What Is a Bacial and Why Do I Need One?

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A ‘bacial’ is a treatment specifically formulated for your back consisting of deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and ends with a detoxifying mask for hydration.  Also known as a back facial.   Back facials use many similar techniques used for treatments on your face.  Generally, a back facial starts with a deep steaming designed to open the pores and soften your skin.

One of the great benefits of a back facial is to get rid of back acne and a variety of skincare needs.   Back facials are also great to help ease tension in your muscles and to heal dry skin on your back.

Your esthetician can help you determine how often you need a back facial based on your skin concerns. It may be recommended at least every 2-4 weeks if you are experiencing back acne and breakouts. Give Precision Wellness a call if you’re ready for your Bacial!

What is a Back Facial?


Facials can be extremely beneficial for reducing clogged pores, acne, and dehydrated skin. This isn’t only limited to regular facials, either! Back facials have the same benefits as regular facials but allow you to cleanse and target those hard to reach areas.

Many people want a back facial so that they can have a clearer back for the summer when they’ll be wearing more open-back clothing and swimsuits. While each person is different, we work with our clients to ensure each back facial is tailored to your unique skin so that you can leave our spa happy and glowing.

Our back facials entail very similar techniques as the ones we use in our regular facial treatments. The difference is in the products we use – they’re specifically formulated so that they can penetrate the tough skin on your back. For a lot of us, we fight with back acne on a constant basis, especially in the summer as we sweat more. This treatment works to cleanse and exfoliate your back skin to get rid of that acne and create a glow.

Many of us take extreme measures when it comes to our face care routine – why shouldn’t we take some time figuring out what the rest of our skin needs as well (especially with areas you can hardly reach!)?

Stop being afraid of showing your back this summer! Book an appointment with one of our amazing estheticians here at Precision Wellness, and finally be proud of how smooth and beautiful your skin is – all around your body!


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