The Importance of Regular Facials

You may think that a facial is something you should have only as a luxury or every once in a while. The truth is that regular facials are important for your skin. Whether you choose to have a facial in your home in the one hour you have free, or go to see a professional, regular facials can have a benefit on both your physical and mental being.


The increased level of pollutants we are exposed to leave dirt, grime and even chemicals on our skin. This step in a facial helps clean out clogged pores so the skin can breath — preventing blackheads and breakouts. In addition, the cleaning phase of the facial helps address the free radical damage done from sun exposure.


The latest technology in skin analysis allows a facialist to more accurately analyze a client’s skin and prescribe appropriate products. Clear LED light illumination systems that are built into magnifying lenses can help a client pinpoint where problem areas are occurring and take preventative or corrective actions — sooner rather than later. If a client knows they have a clump of skin damage on their forehead, they can work with their facialist to more aggressively treat the situation.


While traditional facials have always involved removing dead skin as part of aiding cellular renewal, in the past few years, peels and microdermabrasion have taken this process even further. The result of this type of exfoliating is the stimulation of collagen and elastin production.


The ingredients contained in today’s professional skin care products are designed for deeper penetration into the skin. In addition, when microcurrent technology (which is noninvasive) is used, it helps the products to penetrate even more deeply. Increased hydration helps stimulate the energy centers of the cells to work more efficiently. This, in turn, helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gives skin a smother and firmer texture and improves facial contour.


The last phase of a facial is designed to calm the skin and bring it back into balance. The biggest breakthrough is the use of LED light, which helps take down inflammation and targets conditions such as premature aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

By getting regular facials at every phase of the process, you are taking small steps to buck the effects of aging on your skin — making it less likely that you will have to spend the big bucks on bigger, more expensive techniques down the road.


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