Water intake after a massage ~ Why it is beneficial

If you’ve ever had a massage, your therapist has likely encouraged you to slam water like it’s your job right after. But why?  During a massage, many toxins you have been harboring are released. Great! Right?  While it is great that your body is purging harmful toxins, they must be released somewhere – it is best to chug water post-massage to flush those toxins out of your system!


Water helps flush and purify your kidneys which help process key nutrients and toxins!  The water flushes the free radicals released during a massage out and oxygenates your cells to help produce more of the good stuff.

Kicks Dehydration

Massages, believe it or not, is dehydrating, and our bodies are 60% water after all!  The kneading and squeezing that your massage therapist does to your body releases fluids from your muscle tissues and into your vascular system. This means you need to restock up on all the water you lost during your massage.

Rid Metabolic Waste

Sounds fancy, right? Really metabolic waste is just particles in our body that are of no use to us – during a massage, they are released at a much quicker rate than what our bodies are used to. Metabolic waste can constrict our muscles and lead to improper flow of toxin flushing. Drinking water, you give your muscles a chance to loosen-up and therefore release the tense muscles that hold waste.

Prevent Soreness

It is normal to feel a little sore in focused areas after your massage. Hydrating after a massage can help prevent excessive soreness. Do yourself a favor and add an extra glass or two to your normal post-massage amount if you are still feeling super sluggish or ill.

Pre-Massage Water

Pro tip!!!  Drinking water before a massage can help just as much (if not more) and drinking post-massage!  It helps your kidneys to release the toxins as they work their way out of your muscles during your massage and move them out of your system in a healthy, productive manner.

There is nothing like a great massage to get your body retuned for life. Make an appointment with Precision Wellness to feel refreshed and recover health in your muscles, tissues, and throughout your body. Just don’t forget to chug some water before and after!


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