Waxing Do’s and Don’ts

Have you made the call and set your wax appointment and now you are thinking, “what the heck was I thinking”?   No worries, we got you!

We have put together some great Do’s and Don’ts to help you before and after your waxing session!


Do . . . Let your hair grow out a bit.  Your hair house be at least ¼ of an inch long before your wax appointment (usually 2 weeks of growth after a shave or 4-6 weeks after a wax).  If your hair is too short, the wax may not adhere.

Do . . . Exfoliate your skin 1 day prior to your appointment to get rid of dead skin and prepare your hair follicles for removal.

Do . . . Wear loose clothing.  This will allow your skin to breathe after your wax treatment.

Do not . . . Go out in the sun or to the tanning bed 24-48 hours before your appointment as we cannot perform services on sunburnt or irritated skin.

Do . . . Stay away from such things as alcohol and caffeine before your wax which can make your skin more sensitive.  Some clients choose to take a Tylenol or Advil about 30 minutes prior to their appointment to take the end off the sting (if you have a low pain tolerance).

Do . . . Schedule your wax appointment 3-4 days BEFORE a big event.  This will allow your skin to have time to chill and not be so red.

Do not . . . Use lotions or oils around the bikini area prior to getting a wax.  Moisturizers can interfere with the wax process by not allowing the wax to adhere well to the hair.

Do . . . Ask your doctor before your appointment if you have sensitive skin or on certain types of oral acne medication. If you are using prescribed creams for acne, those areas cannot be waxed within 7 days of product application.

Do . . . Communicate how much and what you want.  This is your body; you need to know what you want and communicate that to your esthetician.    


Post waxing care activities include:

Do not . . . Touch your newly hair-free skin.  Since pores are open, we do not recommended working out, going in the pool, ocean or lakes immediately after waxing as this can lead to skin irritation.

Do . . . Shower if you would like.  Just keep the water the lukewarm to cooler temp.  Hot showers will dehydrate skin. 

Do not . . . Use any harsh soaps or body washes that contain too many oils or leave a film on your skin. This includes spray tanning as the chemicals may irritate your skin.

Do not . . . Submerge into a bath, pool or etc. the day of your wax.  Soaking in water can cause unnecessary pimples.

Do . . . Avoid too much heat.  Avoid tanning beds, saunas, hot yoga  or steam rooms for the next 2 days.

Do . . . Exfoliate two full days after your wax if there is no redness.  This helps prevent ingrown hair.

Do not . . . wear tight pants or tight underwear for the first few days after your wax appointment to avoid skin irritation.

Do . . . Skip sexual activity for at least 12-24 hours post wax (longer if you have sensitive skin).

Do . . . Stay out of the sun at least 48 hours post wax.  Your fresh smooth skin will be more prone to sunburns.

Do not . . . Exercise for the first couple of days.  Activities like running, aerobics, or cycling can cause friction in treated areas and sweating can also be irritating.

Additional Tips:

  • Your skin is more sensitive around the time near your period, waxing may be more painful than normal.  Try to make your spa appointments at least a few days before or after your period. 
  • Put down the razor.  I know it can be tempting, but do not do it!  Shaving between waxes can leave you with undesirable results.
  • As you become a consistent waxer, your hair will become noticeably softer, finer, and over time sparser.  Book your next wax 5-6 weeks after your appointment for smoothest results.

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