What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage therapy, where your therapist will apply pressure to the lymph nodes in different parts of your body to help move the lymphatic fluid. You might have heard about it by other names such as lymphatic drainage or simply called ‘lymph massage’. It has also been referred to as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) .

This type of treatment can help with: swollen glands, blocked ducts in breasts, abscesses in teeth and gums, infections, weakened immunity, sinus infections, brain fog, chronic fatigue, even digestive issues.

There are many approaches to help get the lymph fluid flowing again, such as starting to move (exercise), avoiding sitting or standing for extended periods of time, dry brushing, eating a more “clean” diet, incorporating red raw foods like beets, cherries, cranberries, pomegranate, berries, and simply breathing and laughing!

But if you want to get a great lymphatic massage, we have therapist that specialize in Lymphatic Drainage Massage!

Massages involve some sort of therapeutic touch. Unlike a traditional massage like Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, lymphatic massage focuses on using feather-light pressure and circular movements no greater than the pressure it would take for your finger to move skin. Most massages focus on the skin, muscles, and joints while LD massages focus in a concentrated manner to one area or quadrant of the body to clear the body’s lymphatic system. For the lymphatic system to run smoothly it is important that cells, proteins and fluid move through the body’s network of lymph vessels, nodes, glands and organs. Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like our heart does for blood, you need to help it move by your movements in order for it to function properly. This technique assists the movement of muscle fluids back into circulation where they are filtered through the lungs or kidneys before returning to general body circulation.

The lymphatic system transports waste materials out of tissues back into the bloodstream so that they can be eliminated when we urinate or defecate.  A healthy lymphatic system also provides defense against infections because white blood cells migrate throughout the tissues in the body.

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