What is the Difference Between a Brazilian and a Bikini Wax?

Here at Precision Wellness, we offer a wide variety of waxing options for you to choose from. No matter how others think you should keep your body hair, the ultimate decision is up to you – and we’ll support you!

Simply shaving your pubic hair can leave the hair longer than you’d like – not to mention the high possibility of razor burn. Waxing is a much smoother alternative, and results last for weeks!

A bikini wax is typically where the hair along the bikini line is removed (that way you can’t see any hair when you’re in your swimsuit). For the most part, this is a fairly quick process and is a common choice.

A Brazilian wax, on the other hand, gets rid of all the hair. This includes the full bikini wax, plus removing all the hair on the front, back, sides, and middle. For those that like the feel of being completely hair-free, this is a great option.

Regardless of the option you choose, waxes help to remove the full follicle of hair to keep it from growing back for longer periods of time. Waxing is also less aggravating to most people as there is no razor to pull on the hair or create razor burn.

We also offer many other waxing options: eyebrows, face, chin, lip, legs, toes, underarms, arms, back, chest, rear, and stomach waxes!

As far as pain goes, it depends on each person. Yes, a Brazilian/bikini wax is not the most pleasant thing to experience, although it does get less painful the more often you get it done.

It’s important to use an experienced professional to get these waxes done as the area can be very sensitive. Our estheticians are licensed and have years of experience working with waxes.

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