What Winter Does To The Skin

Learn the basics, keep your skin healthy

Every woman out there must know that cold weather and healthy, great looking skin are two elements that never do well together. Cream commercials and beauty magazines keep repeating that to us every winter but, somehow, the problem never seems to actually go away. This happens, dermatologists say, because we’re not doing everything in our power to eliminate it from the core, by learning to prevent instead of trying to cure.

“When it’s very cold, there is less moisture in the environment. This lack of moisture is compounded by wind, which blows moisture away from the skin, and central heating.” consultant dermatologist Dr. Susan Mayou tells the British publication the Daily Mail. Her advice is simple: instead of desperately trying to cure dry skin, an attempt that may prove futile, we should focus on the things we can do to prevent the weather from wreaking havoc on it.

Buying moisturizing creams the moment we hear that temperatures are about to fall could be a solution, but not the only one required to fight this problem, the same dermatologist argues. Keeping the skin hydrated at all times, so as to be able to be exposed to extreme temperatures and still look good, has to come from within too, she explains. Drinking plenty of water, as well as making sure the money we spend on cosmetics goes on something of quality, are two important steps towards keeping it healthy and beautiful throughout the year, cold season included.

“Moisturizers work in two ways, using two types of ingredients. There are humectants, such as hyaluronic acid and urea, and occlusives, such as paraffin. Humectants draw water from the lower levels of the skin – this comes from the water we drink – to rehydrate the upper levels of the skin, while occlusives have a barrier function to help lock in this moisture.” Dr. Mayou further points out, offering hints on the type of moisturizers we should focus on.

All in all, having healthy skin during winter is not that far-fetched as we might think, as neither is impossible. As long as we focus on our entire body (with emphasis on the face, lips and hands), and we do everything in our power to act before the cold weather does, having radiant, fabulous skin during winter can actually be very easy.


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