Precision Wellness Springfield MO Team

From Left to Right (click on name to go to profile): Kimberly Smith (no longer at Precision Wellness), Darlene Graham, Jenny YatesTravis WillyerdAmber ParrishSerenia McMellenChloe Maugans. Not pictured, Karissa Stoneburner.

Owner of Precision Massage - Jenny Yates LMT

Precision Wellness Springfield MO Jenny Yates 2018

Jenny Yates was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She moved to Springfield, Missouri to attend college at Missouri State University. An interest in health and wellness landed her at Professional Massage Training Center (PMTC) where she began her career as a massage therapist. Today she is the Owner and Manager of Precision Wellness and Massage.

When she first moved to Springfield, Jenny attended Missouri State as a flute performance major. She has always been really fascinated by music therapy, and how music can create change in the body and mind. After college, a battle with persistent migraine headaches led Jenny to continue her education of the mind and body through the art of therapeutic massage at PMTC. After experiencing the unimaginable benefits of consistently receiving quality massage therapy, Jenny was convinced that massage was her calling.

Since finding her own relief, Jenny has gone on to help clients relieve several other types of pain as well. She regularly attends continuing education workshops and events to ensure she is always offering the latest industry knowledge and techniques. Jenny is well-versed in Neuromuscular, Thai, Relaxation, Pre-natal, Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), Sports, and Deep Tissue Massage techniques. Jenny studies hard to give all of her clients the best possible treatment and maximize their benefit for all massage styles and she is Basic and Performance RockTape certified.

Travis Willyerd - Licensed Massage Therapist and Assistant Manager

Precision Wellness Springfield MO Travis Willyerd

Originally from Houston, Texas, Travis studied massage with Steiner Education Group in Utah and came to Missouri in 2012. He has been practicing deep tissue massage in his own way for over 5 years. He attended MSU as an exercise and movement science major, and still loves to talk about anatomy with anyone who cares. Travis believes in helping and serving others whether it is part of a church activity, helping his neighbors, or assisting people with muscular pain. It was this desire to help others that lead to his decision to become a therapist in the first place.

Travis’ massage technique is a unique brand of “hurts so good” and “I feel so much better”. While he is best known for his deep tissue massage and gait analysis, he also practices sports massage, prenatal, cranio-sacral, and reflexology. He regularly employs client education and by giving his clients something that they can take home to assist with pain or improve quality of life.

When Travis has spare time, he practices Kung Fu (even if he isn’t very good), plays video games (or any games really), meets new people and does DIY projects around the house. He is Basic and Performance RockTape certified.

Amber Parrish - Licensed Massage Therapist

Precision Wellness Springfield MO Amber Parrish 2018

Amber grew up in Nixa, MO and has lived in the Springfield area her whole life. She slowly pursued a degree in Literature and spent ten years working as a Grant Writer and Tech Writer before finding her passion in massage therapy. Her other passions include being outdoors, live music, and yoga.

Learning about the body and how to foster optimal health has become Amber’s favorite pastime since she was introduced to a natural health coach in 2003. At the time she experienced chronic headaches and body aches and was in a prescription loop that offered no relief. Her experience with chronic pain and her research into nutrition and natural health have led Amber down the path to the healing art of massage therapy. Having suffered from chronic pain for years and found relief from it, Amber understands just how devastating chronic pain can be and strives to help her clients find relief as well.

One thing Amber loves most about the field of massage is how much there is to learn. She is currently studying energy healing and myofascial release techniques and is planning for a corrective exercise course in the future. She takes as many continuing education courses as possible to keep growing and expanding her knowledge and ability to help her clients. Amber practices Neuromuscular, Thai, Energy Work, Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) treatment, Deep Tissue Massage, and is learning Myofascial release techniques to provide a healing and therapeutic massage experience. Her focus in massage is to eliminate muscle dysfunction and its symptoms. Amber is also Basic and Performance RockTape certified.

Karissa Stoneburner - Licensed Massage Therapist

Precision Wellness Springfield MO Karissa Stoneburner 2018

Karissa Stoneburner is from the Ozarks and moved to Springfield to pursue her education in massage therapy. She graduated from Professional Massage Training Center in 2001, and has more than 15 years massage therapy experience. She practices Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, sports, and prenatal massage.

Karissa developed her passion for holistic health at a young age, working as a chiropractic assistant in her grandfather’s office. Observing his interactions with patients and genuine care for their well-being inspired her to want to help people and pursue a career in the health field. Experiencing the benefits of massage for herself has amplified her desire to help others reduce stress and muscular tension, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life for her clients. Karissa believes there is a connection between emotional stress and trauma and physical pain and symptoms. She enjoys working with her clients on this level.

Karissa enjoys bird watching with her husband, camping, kayaking, and just being in nature. She also really enjoys playing the piano.

Serenia McMellen - Lead Esthetician

Precision Wellness Springfield MO Serenia McMellen 2018

Serenia was born in Covina, California and made the move to Springfield in 1993. Throughout her whole life, she has always been fascinated with skin care and skin care products. This is what led her into the field of Esthetics. She always felt that taking care of her skin was important and it just made sense to learn more so she could help others with their skin care needs and concerns. In 2004 she graduated from Missouri College of Esthetics with an advanced training in microdermabrasion and peels.

With over 12 years of esthetics experience, Serenia brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Precision Wellness. Her mission as a skin care professional is to help her clients address and fix any trouble areas they may have and to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin. Not only is she an expert in skin care, but she also has years of experience with full body waxing, lash tinting, body treatments and relaxation massage.

In her spare time, she loves to work out and stay in shape. She enjoys CrossFit, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, floating and fishing.

Chloe Maugans - Licensed Esthetician

Precision Wellness Springfield MO Chloe Maugans

A Springfield native, Chloe started her esthetics carrier when she graduated from MCOC in 2015. Holistic wellness and a need for natural skin care products led her to start developing her own organic face serums and body scrubs. As someone with sensitive skin, she has a very gentle approach to her care.

When she isn’t busy changing the world one face at a time, she enjoys writing poetry, gardening, cycling, meditating running and of course traveling. Chloe is a firm believer that through clean living you can not only improve the look and feel of your skin but also help you feel better overall day to day.

One of her passions is creating a balanced life for herself through holistic healing and care. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the health and wellness field with her clients to help them build a healthy lifestyle. Being in the beauty and wellnesses industry gives her the tools to help guide people to more beautiful and healthy lifestyles.

The most rewarding part of being an esthetician is creating an authentic connection with each client. Being able to build that relationship helps her customize a skin care plan that fits their needs. Trust is the foundation for helping make a positive impact on someone’s life and how they feel about themselves.

Darlene Graham - Receptionist

Precision Wellness Springfield MO Darlene Graham 2018

I was born in St. Louis and raised in south St. Louis County. After graduating from Mehlville High School, I came to Southwest Missouri State University (now MSU) and received a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a double major in English and Theater.

I taught English, Speech, Drama, journalism (Yearbook for 21 years) and Broadcasting during the 25 years I spent as a teacher.

After retiring from my teaching career I have been a receptionist for an insurance firm and the Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce, and now I serve in that capacity at Precision Wellness.

I am in my third term serving the City of Nixa as a councilperson for District 3.

I have 4 fantastic kids and 9 gorgeous grandkids. I love to travel and every year I usually coordinate a cruise for my friends and me to experience.

God is great, life is good--regular massages make it even better.