Body Hair From Around The World

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The grooming habits of American women are well known today.  Like most things’ appearance-related, they are media-driven.  The removal (and trimming) of pubic hair in the US appears to be tied to the invention of the bikini in the ’60s. 

Different countries prefer specific hair removal methods to others.  These might include waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, laser hair removal, or threading.  What are the personal grooming habits of women around the world?  We’re here to tell you!

The UK:  The UK is most like the USA in preferring waxing and laser hair removal.  Shaving is another popular method simply because it is more accessible, convenient, and costs less.

Japan:  Women in Japan have preferred to shave only their legs and underarms, leaving the bikini and pubic area untouched.  It is also quite common to remove facial hair and peach fuzz for a smooth, glass-like appearance. 

Australia:  Australian women are known for being beach babes, and what those beach babes do not want is unwanted hair.  Removing their leg, underarm, and facial hair as well as hair in their bikini region with laser hair removal or waxing is not uncommon.  Australians are so into hair-free, smooth skin that those that do not remove their hair are considered outliers.

India:  Predominantly it is the women of upper classes that now remove their unwanted leg, underarm, and pubic hair in India with their chosen removal method being primarily depilatory creams.  However, laser hair removal is quickly becoming more popular as laser technology develops for use on darker skin tones.  With laser hair technology, it is becoming more popular to remove hair from the chin, upper lip, underarms, cheeks, and bikini area.

Brazil:  You likely assume that the term “Brazilian wax” comes from Brazil, but that is not true.  It is American and is not very popular in Brazil.  The most popular grooming style among Brazilian women is to leave a “landing strip” of hair.

Germany:  It is common for women to shave their legs, underarms, and the bikini region in Germany.  Much like in the US, it is extremely popular to be smooth and hair-free.  Laser hair removal is the most popular hair removal method because it is most effective, efficient, and permanent.

China:  Hair removal in China has not been a significant beauty ritual, up until recently.  Chinese women didn’t bother to remove their leg or armpit hair, as hair was just part of your body and nothing to be ashamed about.  Body hair is considered completely natural.  Hair removal methods (for those mostly in big cities) use depilatory creams or shaving.

As you can see, women throughout most of the world remove at least some of their body hair.  While the parts to be plucked may change according to trends, if time tells us anything, it is that women will continue to want to keep at least some portion of their bodies hairless.

Waxing Do’s and Don’ts

waxing dos and don'ts melted wax with applicator

Have you made the call and set your wax appointment and now you are thinking, “what the heck was I thinking”?   No worries, we got you!

We have put together some great Do’s and Don’ts to help you before and after your waxing session!


Do . . . Let your hair grow out a bit.  Your hair house be at least ¼ of an inch long before your wax appointment (usually 2 weeks of growth after a shave or 4-6 weeks after a wax).  If your hair is too short, the wax may not adhere.

Do . . . Exfoliate your skin 1 day prior to your appointment to get rid of dead skin and prepare your hair follicles for removal.

Do . . . Wear loose clothing.  This will allow your skin to breathe after your wax treatment.

Do not . . . Go out in the sun or to the tanning bed 24-48 hours before your appointment as we cannot perform services on sunburnt or irritated skin.

Do . . . Stay away from such things as alcohol and caffeine before your wax which can make your skin more sensitive.  Some clients choose to take a Tylenol or Advil about 30 minutes prior to their appointment to take the end off the sting (if you have a low pain tolerance).

Do . . . Schedule your wax appointment 3-4 days BEFORE a big event.  This will allow your skin to have time to chill and not be so red.

Do not . . . Use lotions or oils around the bikini area prior to getting a wax.  Moisturizers can interfere with the wax process by not allowing the wax to adhere well to the hair.

Do . . . Ask your doctor before your appointment if you have sensitive skin or on certain types of oral acne medication. If you are using prescribed creams for acne, those areas cannot be waxed within 7 days of product application.

Do . . . Communicate how much and what you want.  This is your body; you need to know what you want and communicate that to your esthetician.    


Post waxing care activities include:

Do not . . . Touch your newly hair-free skin.  Since pores are open, we do not recommended working out, going in the pool, ocean or lakes immediately after waxing as this can lead to skin irritation.

Do . . . Shower if you would like.  Just keep the water the lukewarm to cooler temp.  Hot showers will dehydrate skin. 

Do not . . . Use any harsh soaps or body washes that contain too many oils or leave a film on your skin. This includes spray tanning as the chemicals may irritate your skin.

Do not . . . Submerge into a bath, pool or etc. the day of your wax.  Soaking in water can cause unnecessary pimples.

Do . . . Avoid too much heat.  Avoid tanning beds, saunas, hot yoga  or steam rooms for the next 2 days.

Do . . . Exfoliate two full days after your wax if there is no redness.  This helps prevent ingrown hair.

Do not . . . wear tight pants or tight underwear for the first few days after your wax appointment to avoid skin irritation.

Do . . . Skip sexual activity for at least 12-24 hours post wax (longer if you have sensitive skin).

Do . . . Stay out of the sun at least 48 hours post wax.  Your fresh smooth skin will be more prone to sunburns.

Do not . . . Exercise for the first couple of days.  Activities like running, aerobics, or cycling can cause friction in treated areas and sweating can also be irritating.

Additional Tips:

  • Your skin is more sensitive around the time near your period, waxing may be more painful than normal.  Try to make your spa appointments at least a few days before or after your period. 
  • Put down the razor.  I know it can be tempting, but do not do it!  Shaving between waxes can leave you with undesirable results.
  • As you become a consistent waxer, your hair will become noticeably softer, finer, and over time sparser.  Book your next wax 5-6 weeks after your appointment for smoothest results.

Need to schedule your waxing appointment? Call Precision Wellness Today!

How To Build Healthy Self-Care Habits That Stick

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Self-care is all about the everyday habits that help you take care of and nurture your health and well-being. It means listening to your body, intentionally tuning in to the thoughts going on in your mind, and challenging your behaviors. 

You may love the idea of self-care, and you may be on board with the benefits, but have you recognized the need for self-care?  Actually adopting a self-care practice that can improve your life in more ways than you think.

Understand what self-care is and what is not

“The way I define self-care is the intentional, proactive pursuit of integrated wellness that balances mind, body, and spirit personally and professionally,” says Paula Gill Lopez, Ph.D., an associate professor and the chair of the department of psychological and educational consultation at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. 

Self-care is about more than taking care of your physical health. Things are moving so fast around us that we need space to self-care and slow down to rest from all the busyness in our lives.

Ultimately, your self-care routine should make you a better version of yourself.  You should get some enjoyment out of the activity.  Rule of thumb, if the activities that you choose are adding to your well-being and are not detrimental to the other areas of your life, then there is a benefit.  You are better suited to take care of others, foster strong relationships, be resilient, and balance personal and professional responsibilities.

To help you get some direction, I have rounded up some powerful, important tips on self-care.  Please take these tips as guideposts rather than commands.  Find a way to make them fit that feels comfortable.

  • Do not do things you hate:  This seems obvious but sometimes it is not.  When exercising you need to do an activity that you enjoy or it is not self-care.  Each self-care habit you engage in must be customized especially for you, and the first step is to stop routines and actives that make you feel like you’re dying inside.
  • Find out what you love:  This also seems obvious, however, when you are not doing what you love, you lose determination.  When you lose determination, you are back to square one.  Don’t settle for anything less than raw, pulsating passion.
  • Recover from “expert addiction”:  There is a curious and toxic trend in our society to trust outside sources of advice and approval more than we trust our own selves.  If you want to build lifetime habits, the ONLY approval you need is your own.   Do not allow your path to be dictated by others.  Find your own way.  You are your own expert.
  • Develop a daily self-care routine: Speak kindly to yourself EVERY DAY!  Move your body, connect with your spirit, eat mindfully.  It is much easier to do something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. When you do something every single day, you develop a habit more easily. 
  • Play with your routine:  Commit to structure of the routine while allowing yourself to play within it.  Impose a rigid structure with rigid activities, soon you will feel suffocated.  To feel free as well as fulfilled, you must allow for structure as well as play in your habits.  Allow for your routine to have a basic structure and allow yourself to play with the activities within that structure.
  • Relax:  Remember the feeling of peace.  The purpose of caring for yourself is to do it in a way that is graceful, flowing, and kind to yourself.  If you begin to get stressed, find a way to relax.  A massage or facial can do wonders 😉
  • Know your worth:  Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • A healthy work-life balance: Contrary to common belief, workaholism is not a virtue. Being overworked with excessive stress and exhaustion can make you less productive, disorganized, and emotionally depleted.  I can also lead to all sorts of healthy problems.  Professional self-care habits are just as important and personal self-care habits.  Setting professional boundaries, avoiding overextending, etc. ensures that you stay sharp, motivated and healthy.
  • Stress Management: A little does of stress is a healthy way to give us a nudge on deadlines or to finish overdue tasks, constant stress and anxiety can have an adverse effect on your mental and physical health. Eating healthy, connecting with a loved one or practicing meditation cuts down the toxic effects of stress by improving your mood and boosting your energy and confidence levels.

Now, after we’ve decided on new self-care habits, how do we get them to stick?

  • Start small – if you’re increasing water intake, start by one extra glass. It’s baby steps that will lead to big accomplishments.
  • Know your excuses – What gets in the way of this habit? Is it because you’re tired? Or you run out of time? Whatever habit you’re failing to form, consider what is preventing your success. Once you nail down your usual excuses, you can address them!
  • Set yourself up for success – It’s time to nip the excuses in the bud and get to work. If you forget your gym clothes, have an extra pair in your car. If you have a tendency to forget appointments for yourself, schedule them and don’t back out!
  • You will fail, but try again – Whether you cheat on a diet, skip a work out, or forgot to journal this morning – it’s ok! Just try again tomorrow.
  • Keep track – What gets measured gets managed. Plus it’s a great way to set goals, smash those goals, and celebrate your successes!

Precision Wellness is here for you, no matter what part we take in your self-care journey. Remember, you’ve got this!

Do’s & Don’ts of Waxing

Let me be clear, getting waxed will never feel good. It is one of those “beauty is pain” chores that are totally worth it!  Here are a few do’s and don’ts before, during and after your wax appointment to make it the best experience possible.

Do research the salon. Smooth skin is great, an infection not so much.  Asking friends for a referral is a great place to start.  We would also recommend reading reviews on Google or Facebook.  Of course, you can trust Precision Wellness for your waxing needs!

Don’t consume caffeine a few hours before your wax.  Caffeine can trigger even more nerves and increase your heart rate.

Do moisturize and exfoliate before your wax appointment.  Dry hair and dry skin cause your hair to break when removed.  To get the smoothest and long-lasting wax results, the skin and hair should be healthy and moisture rich.

Don’t apply self-tanner the day of your appointment.  Wait until the day after your waxing to use spray tan or apply self-tanner.  Be aware that freshly waxed areas absorb pigment better so your skin will look smoother and color will last longer when you apply the day after.

Do make sure you have enough hair.  You want it about the length of a grain of rice.  But do not trim, even if you think you need to.  Your wax specialist will trim if needed. 

Don’t schedule an appoint the before or during your period.  Your body is more sensitive to pain.  Plan to wax within the first two weeks of your cycle.

Do take something like Advil or Ibuprofen if you have a low pain tolerance.  This can be helpful for pain relief and reduce inflammation of the skin after your service.

Don’t fuss with the waxed area.  Avoid touching your newly hair-free skin.  This will clog pores and transfer bacteria.

Do take a deep breathe and relax!  Make sure you communicate with your wax specialist, feel free to ask questions and share preferences so they can serve you best. 

Don’t take a hot shower for a few hours of your waxing appointment or get in salty water the day of your wax.  Avoid soaking in a tub or jacuzzi, saunas, or anything with high heat due to the area being sensitive, which can be a breading grown for bacteria.

Do make sure your specialist is holding your skin taut.  Your esthetician should hold the skin taut to help with the pain.

Don’t exercise after your waxing appointment (or wear sweaty clothes).  Your skin is so fresh the pores are still open and susceptible to bacteria.  Friction from working out at the gym could cause future irritation on the skin.

Do get on a regular waxing schedule.  Waxing every three to four weeks.  Getting regular waxes will reduce the amount of hair coming back.  Exfoliating and moisturizing between visits every day will remove excess dead skin and keep the skin nourished. 

For all of your waxing needs be sure to call a professional, like Precision Wellness – (417) 886-1131

Why You Should Be Waxing

why waxing wax dripping from applicator

Does anyone actually like shaving? It takes forever so you rush through it and then end up getting razor burn, and we have to do the process all over again the next day to keep that stubble at bay. 

While many women feel the need to shave many different areas of their bodies, you should never feel pressured by anyone to get rid of your hair – this decision is completely up to you! However, if you do decide to, make sure you’re making the correct medium for your skin.Here’s why you should be waxing: 

  1. It’s way less time-consuming! Waxing (depending on where you’re getting it done) can be done in a short, 30-minute session. 
  2. Hair takes much longer to grow back! When you get your hair waxed, it can take two weeks to 4 weeks to for the hair to appear again. 
  3. Waxing can also act as an exfoliator. Waxing pulls the hair from the root along with dead skin off the surface, leaving your skin softer and smoother. 
  4. You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself. Shaving around trickier areas like the knees and ankles can leave cuts that can get infected (not to mention, what kinds of bacteria have already accumulated on that razor you’ve had in the shower for over a week??), whereas wax is often made from natural sources (making it the “healthier”) option. 

For those going on vacations or would just like to feel smooth without the hassle of shaving every day, waxing is definitely the way to go! If you have sensitive skin, we always recommend asking your dermatologist for advice on the best way to remove unwanted hair. When waxing, using a professional can ensure you are satisfied with the results and the hair is properly removed. 

At Precision Wellness, we offer multiple waxing area choices: 

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Stomach
  • Bikini
  • Eyebrows

Many of the choices we offer can be combined with other services – just ask! If you’d like to book your waxing appointment, call 417-886-1131 or schedule online with us!

New Year – New Self Care Routine

torn paper new year

The New Year always brings new routines and new goals. While it can be hard to stick to new routines, it can be so rewarding when your skin is healthier, self-confidence is boosted, and you’re back to your rejuvenated self. Here are some self care ideas you should consider for 2020:

Take a bath

Take that extra time to soak – bring on the bubbles, the candles, the soft music, and a glass of wine! Relax in the water and let go of the stress you’ve accumulated from the week. 


If you’re not sure where to start on this, Youtube has some great guided meditations that work to get you in the right mindset. 

Start doing yoga

Yoga helps your body to slow down and respect its breath and movements – which is why it’s a great de-stressor! 

Read a book

Yep, you heard us; A good old-fashioned book. Pick up a classic or go for a new book everyone is raving about and get immersed in someone else’s story.


Whether it’s dancing, playing softball, going for a run, or lifting some weights at the gym, find what gets your heart pumping and feel that endorphin high! 

Go out with friends

For those that are extroverted in nature, getting out and feeling a crowd of friends and strangers around you is a way to power up again.

Binge watch a show on Netflix

Sometimes you just need to not do anything productive! Don’t feel bad about literally taking time to do nothing to balance your plate.


Writing down your thoughts at the same time every day is a great way to become more introspective. Don’t worry about writing down specific things, just write down what comes to you!

Listen to a podcast

There are so many categories for podcasts to listen to – crime, business, comedy, sports, history, you name it! Pick one that you’re interested in and pop in those headphones!

Take a trip

When it feels like life is just getting too heavy where you live and work, take a break! There are beautiful, amazing lands all across the world waiting to be explored by you. 

Organize your room/office

It’s the new year – which means it’s time to cut out all the unnecessary. Take stock of your office, bedroom, or even your home to declutter and organize for 2020.

Get a massage

We’re partial to this idea, but only because we really believe in it! Massages help to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, alleviate chronic pains, and soothe muscles you never knew were overworked! 

To schedule your massage with someone here at Precision Wellness, just give us a call at 417-886-1131.

What is the Difference Between a Brazilian and a Bikini Wax?

jar of wax with wooden applicators and flowers

Here at Precision Wellness, we offer a wide variety of waxing options for you to choose from. No matter how others think you should keep your body hair, the ultimate decision is up to you – and we’ll support you!

Simply shaving your pubic hair can leave the hair longer than you’d like – not to mention the high possibility of razor burn. Waxing is a much smoother alternative, and results last for weeks!

A bikini wax is typically where the hair along the bikini line is removed (that way you can’t see any hair when you’re in your swimsuit). For the most part, this is a fairly quick process and is a common choice.

A Brazilian wax, on the other hand, gets rid of all the hair. This includes the full bikini wax, plus removing all the hair on the front, back, sides, and middle. For those that like the feel of being completely hair-free, this is a great option.

Regardless of the option you choose, waxes help to remove the full follicle of hair to keep it from growing back for longer periods of time. Waxing is also less aggravating to most people as there is no razor to pull on the hair or create razor burn.

We also offer many other waxing options: eyebrows, face, chin, lip, legs, toes, underarms, arms, back, chest, rear, and stomach waxes!

As far as pain goes, it depends on each person. Yes, a Brazilian/bikini wax is not the most pleasant thing to experience, although it does get less painful the more often you get it done.

It’s important to use an experienced professional to get these waxes done as the area can be very sensitive. Our estheticians are licensed and have years of experience working with waxes.

Book online or call us at (417) 886-1131 to schedule a waxing appointment.

Dermaplaning vs. Full Face Waxing and Shaving

woman in robe with towel on head touching her face and smiling

Everyone likes having smooth skin, and for many people, their faces are no exception. To get rid of the peach fuzz (also called Vellus hair) on your face, there are some options.

Dermaplaning is a treatment that should only be provided by a licensed professional. During this process, the skin is pulled taut on the face while a surgical blade is used to closely cut the fine hair and dead skin. Unlike other methods, using this treatment allows the hair to grow back softer and is a better exfoliant. Learn more about dermaplaning.

While waxing is a common option people utilize, there are a few things to keep in mind. We always recommend using a test spot before waxing the entire face to ensure your skin isn’t sensitive to the wax being used. Once again, you should use a professional for waxing to ensure the process is done smoothly and doesn’t leave behind scarring.

Another option is to shave the hair off of your face. People typically do this at home and must do this method more often as the hair tends to grow back quicker than the other options. Shaving tends to blunt the hair so that it doesn’t act as well as an exfoliant and could potentially lead to ingrown hairs or razor burn. This option does not offer the same exfoliation as the other two methods.

Everyone’s skin is different, and we encourage you to find the method that works with your routine the best. If you have low pain tolerance, you should look into dermaplaning or shaving options, as waxing can be painful.

If you’re not sure where to start with getting rid of the hair on your face, we’d love to talk to you! Our licensed estheticians can help guide you through the process of dermaplaning and waxing, and explain the best option for your hair and skin.

Self-Care and Season Change

season change woman smiling application under eyes

It’s no secret that our attitudes can change drastically based on the changing of the seasons. According to PsychologyToday.com, seasonal depression affects an estimated 10 million Americans every year. Not only that, weather change affects our sinuses, our immune system and just our bodies in general. Are you feeling blue that winter is here? Combat that with some self care!

Get moving! Whether that’s through a full-body workout 3 times a week, or a 30 minute walk a day, getting your body moving helps to improve your overall mood and health. When your blood pumps through your body, it also moves out buildup of toxins and can help clear your head. Plus, it’ll help fight that winter weight gain many of us struggle with every year.

Get to sleeping! Sleep is just as essential to your body as breathing, and lack of sleep can cause irritability as well as have a negative impact on your physical health. With less sunlight during these winter months our natural inclination is to hibernate, and you should! Allow yourself to sleep in on the weekends or sneak away from your to-do list to get a mid day nap.

Get to de-stressing! There’s usually a specific reason why you are feeling stressed out – whether that’s your job, your relationships, or something else. Pinpointing exactly where the stress is coming from can help you to realize (and relax) when it is happening. We’re now in a new year, it’s time to really evaluate the aspects of your life and make them what you want them to be!

Another thing to keep in mind is what you’re putting into your body during season changes. Constantly inhaling greasy food and unhealthy snacks will put you into a funk. Focus on eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables – they give a natural boost to your mood and energy! Staying hydrated also has a huge impact on your overall health – we recommend getting at least 8 glasses of water in your system a day.

GET A MASSAGE! Massage has an amazing effect on you body as it goes through season changes. Massage has been shown to decrease cortisol levels (stress hormones). This enables the body to enter a recovery mode and trigger feelings of relaxation, and happiness 🙂 With improved circulation, relaxed muscles, and the release of toxins your immune system is going to thank you for that 30-90 minutes you took for yourself!

GET A FACIAL! Winter tends to bring dry skin and a dull mood… but facials will do more than keep your skin hydrated (although that’s an awesome benefit!) There are hundreds of pressure points on your face that are connected to various systems in your body. When these pressure points are massaged, your body responds to it! A good facial and facial massage not only keeps your skin glowing, but it affects the functioning of your entire body.

Taking care of your body and mind is crucial to healing yourself and combating those seasonal blues. Precision Wellness is here to help! 

Benefits of Waxing


With waxing, there are many benefits but most see it as very cost-effective, long-lasting, convenient and it’s a quick way to remove unwanted hair. A wax hair removal treatment removes hair directly from the roots and the hair generally does not grow back for three to six weeks and can be used on virtually any part of the body. Commonly, it is used to remove hair on legs, underarms, bikini lines, and arms, while also removing hair from the facial areas such as; upper lip and lower lips, eyebrows, and chin. Some areas, however, should never be waxed which are eyelashes, inside of your nose and ears. Some tips to consider and other benefits that most experiences include:

Plan Ahead For That Special Event

With a wedding coming up, a planned getaway vacation, or any special day, it is very important to plan your wax in advance. When visiting a tanning salon, it is recommended to start tanning a few weeks ahead of an event because you can’t get a real base tan after just one session. This is the same with waxing, your body has to become accustomed to the wax and the removal of hair, which usually takes a person around three months. If you schedule your first waxing session before your special event, your skin might be red or irritated which defeats the whole purpose of trying to look your best.

Smooth Skin That Lasts

Waxing removes hair from the root, which means it will take a longer time for the hair to regrow and won’t for anywhere from three to eight weeks. This means hair-free, smooth skin that lasts much longer and you can show off your glowing skin for an upcoming holiday or vacation.

No Skin Damage

In comparison to other methods of hair removal, for example, hair-removing creams and shaving, waxing does not cause cuts, badly smelling skin, or pigmentation. Waxing allows this to not occur because of the harsh chemicals that are not present within the wax, which saves the skin from damage.

More Soft and Thin Body Hair

Generally, after waxing the hair that grows back is rough and had, but with waxing the hair is usually more thin and soft. One of the best things is waxing does not cause the irritating stubble that shaving usually does after one day.

Exfoliation While Removing Hair

Because waxing removes the top layer of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, after the wax is completed the skin is soft and rejuvenated. Since waxing removes the top layer of dead skin it can also serve as an exfoliation treatment.

Waxing Prolongs Hair Growth

Once many sessions of waxing are done, there will be a noticeable prolonged time period of not hair when generally there would be. In comparison with shaving, hair growth is stimulated rather than prolonged because it removes the surface hair rather than the root.


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