Grace Bluestone – LMT

Grace grew up in the southern Catskill mountains of upstate New York, not far from culinary hallmarks such as Anthony’s Bourdain’s home town and NYC pizza. While food has always been Grace’s first passion the rigorous and intense nature of the industry lead her to a more holistically balanced career.

After moving to Missouri Grace fo,und Professional Massage Training Center in Springfield and fell for fascia much the same way she fell in love with food. Throughout her 10 years of practice Grace has discovered that soft tissue and food share some remarkable similarities.

Her focus on chronic anxiety and the physical symptoms that accompany emotional dysfunction have been immensely honed, surprisingly, through behavioral observations of gluten and sugar molecules. Baking and cake decorating, along with more traditional art media, are usually the favored pastimes with reading a close second.

Grace’s favorite dinosaur is the velociraptor and if she could have any super power it would be telekinesis.